Western Colorado's Premier Cloth Diaper Service
and Diapering Products and Accessories

Reclaiming the environment for the
future of our children!
Green 'N'  Clean
Why use a Diaper Service?
Just a Few Reasons...

At home weekly delivery and pickup
We wash, sanitize and maintain the diapers
You set out the dirty and they are replaced with fresh and
clean diapers
Perfect for the busy individual that desires to diaper in
cloth but does not have the time

Stewardship for the Environment
Environmental Protection Agency has estimated that it
takes 500 years for a diaper to disintegrate while in a
The service life for a disposable diaper is only a few
hours, a cloth diaper can be in service a year or more.
To minimize the damage of single-use diapers on the
environment (see our Facts page!)

Easy on the Budget! Use a little or use a lot, one monthly
payment takes care of diaper expences.
Flexible payment schedules: weekly, monthly, bi-monthly,
quarterly, yearly... we will work with you!
Cloth diapered childeren typically potty-train one year
Average savings:  $2,000 over the diapering-life of one
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